ThingCo is a new insurtech company, set up by Mike Brockman, focussing on developing the next generation telematics using the latest technology.

ThingCo will firstly be working with selected business partners from the insurance and technology industries around the world to build a B2B model offering the next generation of telematics, utilising ADAS, Intelligent voice and AI as well as building a new telematics focussed FNOL eco system.

ThingCo is ensuring that the customer is at the centre of the offering, taking advantage of the new regulations under GDPR, and making the device, data and technology services the heart of the customer offering.

ThingCo will be ready to engage with selected business partners in Q2 2018.

For all media enquiries please contact Alison Reeson at Harrison Sadler.

ThingCo is currently self funded, however there will be opportunities for selected strategic investment partners in the near future. We will be happy to discuss potential investment opportunities where there is strategic alignment. Discuss more